Barley and lentils

barley and lentils

We wanted to make a quick meal of rice with lentils, but we realized we are out of rice and we were too lazy to go buy some. So, we used barley instead and it came out really delicious. And quite filling and nutritional, too.

So, we boiled the lentils and the barley beans with salt and curry for around one hour (till they are soft, but still chewy). In another pot, we cooked 5 diced onions in some oil, with oregano, curry, turmeric, salt, pepper, red pepper powder and a Turkish spice mix called Ottoman (it tastes of pepper, salty and a bit sweet). When the onions were almost cooked we put in one diced tomato. When this mixture started to thicken (when the liquid evaporated) we put in also the barley beans and lentils. And it was a great, spicy, easy to make meal!


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