Barometer and thermometer

They are an appropriate topic for these hot days, even if neither of them is working.

The brass barometer is from the sixties and it was bought by my grandfather. I was fascinated by it as a child, even if it was already broken then.



The thermometer is older, it was a gift to my grandparents from someone who visited Leningrad in the mid-fifties. Although this was brought back from Leningrad, it represent the Kremlin tower, I think. I love it, with its almost completely faded real photo, a ghostly souvenir from a past that I try to imagine.



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Barley and lentils

barley and lentils

We wanted to make a quick meal of rice with lentils, but we realized we are out of rice and we were too lazy to go buy some. So, we used barley instead and it came out really delicious. And quite filling and nutritional, too.

So, we boiled the lentils and the barley beans with salt and curry for around one hour (till they are soft, but still chewy). In another pot, we cooked 5 diced onions in some oil, with oregano, curry, turmeric, salt, pepper, red pepper powder and a Turkish spice mix called Ottoman (it tastes of pepper, salty and a bit sweet). When the onions were almost cooked we put in one diced tomato. When this mixture started to thicken (when the liquid evaporated) we put in also the barley beans and lentils. And it was a great, spicy, easy to make meal!

Phone numbers



I’m not sure what to use these vintage phone number notebooks for. I kept the small one a long time in my bag, thinking I’ll use it for something (maybe randomly write down ideas that match each letter) but I never did. The big avocado green one is new in its box, with a leaflet with other office accessories from the same line. It’s from the seventies, I think. I used to be fascinated with these kind of notebooks, you just dial in a letter and the book magically opens at that page, but back then there were lots of phone numbers to write down. For now, I keep hoping I’ll find a use for these and how they pop open at a certain letter it’s still fun :).




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I’m so much inside these torrid summer days (partially because of the heat, partially because I’m busy) and I long so much to be somewhere else, somewhere new. It won’t really happen this summer, but I hope to go at least to see some nature around the city.

My friend biked to a near by forest and brought back delicious mushrooms and this beautiful vervain. Here it is photographed trough an antique magnifying glass found at the flea market a few years ago.

Vegan caramel pudding with mint

prelucrata This is a really fast desert option. Not the healthiest maybe but anyway much healthier than the pudding you buy at the supermarket. Again, we don’t know the quantities, we improvised it. The ingredients are: brown sugar, flour, almond milk, fresh mint leaves, coconut butter. We made caramel from the sugar (just put it in a pot on a low flame and stirred continually, because it burns really quickly). When the sugar is caramelized, we put in a few spoons of flour, as much as it is possible to incorporate and to have a pudding texture. Meanwhile, the almond milk was boiling in a separate pot and after the flour was incorporated, we added gradually the hot milk and the fresh mint leaves, stirring continually. When the texture and taste is right (not too runny, not too tick, not too sweet), we added one-two spoons of coconut butter (according to how heavy you want the pudding to be and how much you want to taste the coconut). It was really tasty and filling, with a nice, minty flavor.

Welta Weltix







I have bought this camera online a few years ago, to celebrate a new job. It was more expensive than I usually pay for cameras (around 45 euro), but it was really worth it as I have used it a lot with good results. It’s kind of small and light for being metal and for its capacities and it is a beautiful camera. It was produced between 1938- 1950. I have tried to find out more about the production year of my camera, searching the serial number of the shutter but I couldn’t find anything relevant. Most of the photos I posted here were taken on very expired film, as I rarely buy fresh film, but still the colors and details are quite nice.

oct_noi 2013_0005

dec2012_ian 2013_0012


ian 2012_0005

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