Czech glass jewelry

I have found at the flea market yesterday this brooch. Quite kitsch but pretty too and I like this style :). It’s from the thirties, I think, a Czech brass and glass brooch.


I have some other brooches from the thirties or forties, too, that I picked up in the last years, a red pendant and also a ring with amber colored glass that I like a lot. Looking closer at the blue cat’s eye ring from yesterday, I think it might be older also (from the forties maybe?), but I’m not sure.


The crazy aurora borealis necklace is newer, from the sixties, I think, but in the same tradition. I never wore it yet but I should find a way to do it, soon :).




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2 thoughts on “Czech glass jewelry

  1. Very pretty. I’m collecting rhinestone jewelry for a stylized Poison Ivy costume using a burlesque aesthetic, and the necklace has my colors. I really like AB rhinestones.


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