Expired slide film

I have 2 or 3 slide films that I picked up accidentally at the flea market thinking they are regular C41 films. I had no plan to expose them, as it’s really complicated to process them. But, I didn’t pay attention once and loaded my Zenit camera with one of those films, an Agfa 100, expired in 1994. I exposed it as 65 ISO. But it still came out underexposed, besides the fact that the very nice women who own the lab where I process my films agreed to process it in C41 and the colors are really off, of course. Anyway, I kind of like some of the frames and I I’m glad I managed to expose one of the slide films. Unintentionally, but still…

.iulie 2015_zenit film dia_0019

iulie 2015_zenit film dia_0002

iulie 2015_zenit film dia_0010

iulie 2015_zenit film dia_0011

iulie 2015_zenit film dia_0001

iulie 2015_zenit film dia_0013


5 thoughts on “Expired slide film

    1. Yes, I know… but supposedly it’s not even sure they would process slides if I send them out to Bucharest (but I didn’t look into it properly). Anyway, I think I would use a fresh slide film for that, expired film can be great but also very disappointing sometimes.


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