Among other serious things that I have to do these days (some of them very boring, some interesting but still taking up lots of brain space) it is very relaxing to weave. I make this very simple stripes for a small zippered pouch. I use some darning yarn I have found at the junk store in different occasions. Its thickness is really good for what I need and I love the vibrant seventies colors. I’ll probably make another one when this is finished, using more of the neutrals.



4 thoughts on “Weaving

  1. Some “problems” seem to be the same everywhere: I have so many darning yarn, too, mostly because I often buy whole boxes or baskets with haberdashery stuff and this is something I have really found in every single one.
    I once planned to use them for tapestry weaving, but never started. It is very good to see that weaving with darning yarn actually works that well, maybe that will help me to finally try it.

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    1. Hi, hi it’s a nice “problem” to have. Yes, they are always there in sewing boxes, this is also how I have so many. You should totally weave with them, they are really good and it feels nice to make them useful again.


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