Update on my summer goals and new, autumn goals

I really like making lists of goals, I find them very helpful, even if I don’t always manage to achieve all of them. Looking at my summer goals I’m quite ok with what I have managed to do, even if it was a really busy summer for me.

So, here we go:

– learn how to weave and start two things: a piece weaved from thrifted darning thread and a piece made out of mine and my friends colorful tights that have holes in them and that I saved especially for this.

I did that. I finished a weaved pouch using some of my darning thread (I still have a lot of those) and I have just started weaving with threads made out of colorful tights that we saved after having holes in them. I plan in doing lots of rectangles from the tights in order to have at some point (next spring, probably) a picnic blanket.





– alter a dress that a co-worker gave me and learn a few basic things about sewing.

I tried to alter the dress (actually to transform a long tunic into a dress by filling in with triangles the two cut out sides). I did the triangle thing, but it turned out the dress was too long and too tight, not flattering at all for me. So, my very talented friend Rodica helped me and folded the fabric so that now is the right length and it is also flattering and with a much more interesting shape. I have worn it several times already. But learning things about sewing didn’t really happen. I only have this phone photos, with me wearing my very stylish blue plastic slippers :).



2       3

– make a few embroidery pieces.

I did 3 of them, and started a new one.




– draw (at least) 100 things from nature to have as examples for my students next school year, but mostly because it is nice to have a pretext to study closely acorns and pine cones and leaves and flowers.

This is something that I didn’t manage to do. I have only drawn a few plants. But I hope to do more this autumn.


– take a lot of pinhole photos and also use a larger variety of film cameras from my collection (I tend to use a few favorites and forget about the other ones I have).

Did that.


I also plan more serious things (read, write, develop a new art project, etc.). And also be more outside, in parks and sidewalk cafes with friends.

I also managed that (especially the first sentence). About going out, I did but not as much as I have planned.

The list for this autumn is shorter, as I’ll be quite busy (school starts, I also have other professional engagements). But, I plan to:

  • do some more drawings of things from nature.
  • make a new painting
  • go at least once to a forest to take photos of the autumn trees
  • make some embroideries of dogs (my friends and I want to help some great people that have a dog shelter to fundraise for the dogs)
  • eat a lot of leafy greens while they are still available, before winter comes. I have been to my dentist a few days ago and she gave me a great news. I always knew that at some point I will have periodontitis as my great grandmother, grandmother and mother had it and also my father had it. I also started to show signs even in my early twenties. I try to be very careful with my dental hygiene and visits to the dentist and the disease didn’t start yet, but it was always something there in my future. At this last visit, my dentist told me that my gums improved a lot in a very spectacular way and I might even avoid the disease if things stay like this. She asked me if I have eaten a lot of leafy greens lately. I definitely did! It seems that vitamin K that is in the greens helped a lot the coagulation of my blood and my gums are much, much healthier. So, I definitely plan to keep up with eating leafy greens.


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