I have bought  this very serious looking bear to celebrate a job related exam I passed. I was looking at this bear online in the last 3 or 4 years, considering from time to time to buy it but always changing my mind. It’s not that it was terribly expensive (I payed for it around 20 Euros), but it was never a priority. It’s nice to have something as a physical object, after looking at photos of it for such a long time. It is a silver plated baby rattle, but I plan to wear it as a pendant (if the soft sound it makes won’t be too annoying :). It has a very small hallmark that helped me find out that it was manufactured in Germany by a company called Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik. The hallmark is kind of faint, so I’m not completely sure if it was produced in the twenties or the forties (the hallmarks are kind of similar). But judging by the aesthetics of it (the fact that the bear is closer to a real bear and not made like a sweet toy) I think it is rather from the twenties. I don’t really care much anyway, I like it a lot.



I also have this alpaca rattle from the forties. It’s bigger in size than the bear and even if I find its design funny, it’s too funny to wear as a pendant.


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