Some new pinholes

These are really long exposures, some of them are 2 days long. I think I’ll continue this series for a while.









4 thoughts on “Some new pinholes

  1. Your pinhole photos are really interesting, never heard of a two day exposure.
    I have a crafting set to build a pinhole camera from paper that looks like an antique 19th century one, I started but never finished, maybe because I keep buying cameras and have enough to experiment without starting pinhole photography as well.
    Maybe I should finally finish it now that I saw what I can do with it.


    1. There are even longer exposures, for weeks and months and the results are so beautiful and strange, but I don’t know yet how to build such a camera. You should definitely try to finish your camera, it feels so good to experiment with pinhole photography and many times the results are unexpected. I really like how everyday objects look somehow so different and mysterious in such images.


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