Magnifying glasses


I always look for magnifying glasses at the flea market. I hope to find at some point a really good one (I like to search the hallmarks on my jewelry and such) and I would prefer it to be old. I have four vintage ones, but neither of them is particularly good. I took these photos using the pressed plants book that my friend Maria is working on.

The best glass is this one with a strange shape, I think it was a jeweler or watch maker magnifying glass, and you can fix it to your working table or to some other device. Not sure how old it is, but I suppose it’s quite old.




I really like this one too, because it looks like it was used a lot. The glass is chipped in several places, but it is still usable. It has a wooden handle.



I don’t think this one is old, I think it is made from vintage or antique silverware handle (which is silver or silver plated) and a newer glass. But still I like it because it is a fun repurposing of the old knife or fork which has a pretty initial on its handle. The glass itself is not very good, though. For me this was a cheap flea market find, but I noticed someone online (from my city) selling several of these as antiques and for quite a big price. 🙂





This is a newer Soviet plastic magnifying glass, I suppose from the eighties. It magnifies 4x, so not so impressive either :). But it folds and it has a nice pocket size.




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