I caught a cold these days, not a big deal but kind of annoying. We try to avoid as much as possible to take chemical medicines, especially for something so non-serious as a cold. But still, we need something for the symptoms. My friend Maria is really interested in natural pharmacy. She had made these tinctures this summer and now they are really put at good use. Their base is natural alcohol, made of plumes. I am slightly allergic to alcohol, but I can drink these and I have no problems whatsoever. And they really alleviate my symptoms. Another good thing is that I am a bit  tipsy from time to time :).

These are the tinctures we have:

-onion, garlic, horseradish and ginger as a natural antibiotic

-elder for colds

-mint for stomach aches, headaches and breathing problems

-lavender for a calming effect

-coriander, horseradish, verbascum, sunflower, ginger, tilia, rosemary, fever-few, lemon balm, Jerusalem artichokes (the leafs and flowers), lavender for migraine

-basil for digestion problems

-vervain for calming and as a mild sedative

-wild garlic for colds

-sage for digestion problems

– rosemary, oats, rose, lemon balm, thyme, Jerusalem artichokes (the leafs and flowers), sunflower, Lady’s bedstraw for mental balance and energy

She puts the chopped ingredients in dark glass jars until the jar is full (without squeezing in the ingredients) and then she pours as much alcohol as the space allows it. The ingredients macerate for two weeks and then after the alcohol is strained it is ready for use.


4 thoughts on “Tinctures

  1. I love this recipe, thank you. It looks exactly like my shopping list when I’m coming down with a cold. Used to be rare, but these days, have to be fighting them off actively. My grandmother taught me to cure myself with food. I have a friend who makes a ginseng mixture that cures every single thing. Great share and reminder for self care. x


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