Beefsteak mushrooms (fistulina hepatica)



Besides the disgusting name and appearance, this mushrooms were so great! My friend bought them from the farmer’s market. We have never seen such mushrooms, but the man who picked them and from whom we have bought forest mushrooms before said they taste very good. They are also very good for you. When we cut them, it was kind of difficult to get over the fact that this mushroom looks so much like meat, but after tasting it raw, it was obvious that it will make a very nice dish, with a strong mushroom taste, slightly sour.

The man selling them suggested we should fry them, but we wanted to try a healthier version. We superficially looked online for a vegan recipe, but we couldn’t find any (we also didn’t have the patience to search a lot, we were really hungry). So, my friend Maria improvised this dish, which turned out great.

Ingredients (for approximately 6 servings):

500 gr mushrooms

a few pieces from a Romanesco broccoli head

a big salad bowl full of purslane (we were allowed to take a big quantity from a vegetable garden from our neighborhood)

1 bell pepper

3 onions

2 garlic bulbs

1 big tomato

oat flakes

3 spoons of flour


salt and pepper

This is the order in which the different vegetables were cooked in cold pressed sunflower seed oil: first the onions, half of the garlic and the pepper (all of them minced). After the onions were translucent, we put in the sliced mushrooms and broccoli. After cooking them for a few minutes, we added water, the purslane and some of the dill and then, after another few minutes, the minced tomato. When the mushrooms and broccoli were almost cooked, we added the rest of the garlic, some more fresh dill, salt and pepper. We added the oat flakes and the flour to make the texture more creamy.

It was really delicious!




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