Painted backgrounds and a real one

Some photos from my collection. I think they are more or less from the same time period (end of the nineteenth century, first decade of the twentieth century) with the exception of the smoking young man which is dated in pencil on the back 1930. The one with the two women and two boys is from a studio in Buenos Aires, so strange for it to end up here, in my collection. The woman in the ruffled dress, holding a book is from a studio in Timisoara, with an Art Noveau logo. The woman from the country side and her children are photographed, most probably, in front of their house.







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4 thoughts on “Painted backgrounds and a real one

    1. I always have mixed feelings about old photos, wandering how did they end up in the flea market…and there were times when I considered my collection much too gloomy (I collect antique photos since high school). But I also find them very interesting, so I add to the collection from time to time.


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