Early mornings

Since school started, I wake up five days a week at six in the morning. The first minutes after the alarm goes off are very difficult. But I feel better after the first sip of coffee. And later, the 30 minutes of sitting in the buss taking me to school  are actually my favorite moment of the day. People are sleepy and quiet in the buss, it is dark outside, I watch out the window and I let my mind rest. After getting down from the buss, I walk for ten minutes and the sun already rises. Sometimes there is fog and that is one of my favorite things to watch and to photograph. I pass a bridge over the river and that is a nice spot to look behind me, at a boulevard of socialist apartment buildings and in front of me at a Secession part of the city. I take photos many times, observing how the light changes in different seasons. When I enter the teacher’s room, I am usually the first one there. I turn on the lights in the quiet room, I sit down and eat my sandwiches for breakfast and I feel so peaceful and safe before my day begins.



aprili 2015_0017

17 (2)

31 (2)



16 (2)



welta_ian 2015_0010





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