The tiniest birthday gift

Among other very pretty things, this is the sweetest birthday gift my friends gave me: a tiny silver bird brooch, quite old, I think.



2 thoughts on “The tiniest birthday gift

  1. I really like your mom’s signet ring and I do think it is pretty. Would you please tell me what country you live in? I like hearing the stories of socialist times because it is so different from my life in the US. I frankly think that we could use a little more socialsm here. Too many people think only of themselves and not about the unfortunate ones.

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    1. I’m from Romania. Even if they were also some dark aspects to the way communism was put into practice in my country, still they were also so many important things like free education and health care for everyone, etc. that were giving people more chances to a meaningful life. Unfortunately, even if we still benefit from some of the infrastructure and ways of thinking from the socialist times, these things are disappearing in a quick pace… being replaced by individualism and competitiveness.


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