Signet ring

My mother gave me this ring. In 1970, when she was still a high school student, she worked for one summer vacation in a fruit preserves factory. It was something usual in socialist times for teenagers to work for a little while in production, so they earn some pocket-money and find out about the realities of workers’ life. My mother remembers that after that summer in the preserves factory she bought several things. She remembers buying a red dress with white dots, an umbrella, some books and she still had enough money to buy gold and to custom make a signet ring. The gold was state regulated and the amount you could buy per person was limited so she and my grandfather had to queue together to buy four wedding bands (two for each of them). She had made this very typical seventies ring out of the wedding bands, with her initials. I wear this ring now sometimes even if it is not beautiful, but it’s story and the fact that it looks so dated is funny to me.



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