Colorful finds

After a short visit to the flea market this weekend, I came home with these finds:

A big and quite heavy sterling silver necklace with a frog on a leaf and a silver and azurite ring.





I tried lately not to buy silk, not even vintage or second hand (although I still use the silk items I already have, all of them thrifted, as it would be so wasteful to just trow them away). But, I still bought for approximately 1 euro these old  big wooden spools with silk thread. The colors are so beautiful, they seem very old and they would have ended up in the trash anyway (the woman selling them seemed surprised that I am willing to pay 1 euro for all of them). The dogs haven’t seen them till I took them out to photograph, this is why they are so interested in the spools in these photos.




I have also found this jointed wooden mannequin to use for my students. This is not vintage but it was very cheap (2.5 euro) and these are usually very expensive to buy new. It has a small problem with one of the knees, but nothing important.


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8 thoughts on “Colorful finds

    1. Hi! I mostly visit the flea market on weekends (Aurora), that’s were I have found the most interesting things. For vintage sewing notions and home decor and kitchen items, there is a junk store in Mehala (str. Crisan) where, if you are patient to look through the clutter, you may find nice things. Also, there is a vintage boutique named Oz on str. Eugeniu de Savoya.


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