Pinhole on very expired film

I had an Agfa 100 test roll (with 10 exposures) that expired in 1992. I knew I wanted to use it for pinhole photos, but I didn’t have much hopes about it. I used it in a pinhole camera we made a few years ago using a plastic point and shoot. It’s very convenient to use the transport mechanism of the camera. The images I got on the old film are not very spectacular, but I was glad to get anything at all. Now, I have a fresh film in the camera, a Fuji 200, I’m curious about the results. I plan on more self-portraits this time.

This is the camera:DSCN0985.JPG

And these are the photos:


45 minutes exposure (the room was very dark).


100 seconds exposure


30 minutes.


100 seconds.


25 minutes.


40 minutes.


10 seconds.

It would have been better probably to have longer exposure times, but I thought I will burn the film. But anyway, the most exciting and liberating thing about pinhole photography is the complete lack of control. Just letting chance and your intuition work and hope for the best…



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