We went to a junk store on Sunday, to look for some frames for a project we are working on. We didn’t find the kind of frames we need, but we came home with a few other stuff. Cheap and nice pots for the house plants (my friend wants to replace the plastic ones), two scissors for my collection, a cool game that I’ll show in a different post (when we’ll have a sunnier day, now it is very dark), some plastic animals, etc. My favorite finds are these, though. They look like some kitsch tourist “folklore” needle cases from Bulgaria, but when opening one of them, we saw they contain perfume vials. This is the most nostalgic smell, the scent of Bulgarian rose perfume, something so appreciated by our mothers in the eighties. I used to absolutely love as a kid this intense, artificial smelling rose perfume. And I still love it :). Both vials are  full and the smell is still very strong.


Another find I really like is this child hanger, from the forties or fifties. I’ll use it to display some of my bags.


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