Vegan stuffed cabbage rolls

DSCN8633 mic.jpg

Cabbage rolls are so banal, as everybody makes them for every holiday or event, but they still feel like something special to me. They take some time to make, but afterwards you have a big pot of them to eat for a few days. They are one of the very few meals that gets better the longer it stays in the fridge, as the tastes from  the sour cabbage and stuffing mix together. We make the vegan version of them for years now and we mostly improvise the quantities and ingredients every time. There are traditional vegan versions of this meal (for fasting) but these versions are usually kind of boring (mostly rise and mushrooms for the stuffing). We like to make this dish with these ingredients (for two big pots of rolls):

3 heads of sour cabbage

7 large onions

10 smaller carrots

500 grams chickpeas (soaked in water for at least a few hours)

500 grams shredded soy (also soaked in water)

1 kg pleurotus mushrooms (any mushrooms are ok, but we specifically like the texture of this kind)

cooking oil

2 mugs of rise

salt and pepper


bay leaves

tomato sauce

We use a vintage shredder (the kind used for meat but we use it for plant based foods, of course) to shred the onions, carrots, chickpeas and mushrooms. We stir all these together with salt and pepper and with the soy for a little while (it is very hard for such a big quantity not to get burned at the bottom, as it is difficult to stir). We mix it with the uncooked rise and we season it with powdered thyme and this is the stuffing. We roll the stuffing into the sour cabbage leafs and we boil them in a pot with thyme twigs, bay leaves, tomato sauce and enough water to cover all the rolls. Usually it takes around 2 hours (or a little more) to simmer and cook.

They came out really delicious and now we don’t have to cook for 3-4 days, and we will also have guests these days :).




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