Old cards and photos

I had a great time at the flea market yesterday, with lots of nice finds that I’ll show in the next days. These is an assortment of old cards and photos that I paid less than 2 euros for.

My favorite is this funny card written in October 1905, in Bucharest, by a guy to his dear cousin Adeline, assuring her of his devotion. But he also says Honny soit qui mal y pense (the card is written in French, like people who would want to think of themselves as being well mannered would write at that time in Romania). So, he wanted to say that his affection is purely platonic, I guess. IMG_0006.jpg


This is another love card, but a more committed love this time. This is a really crazy late seventies card, sent out by a girl to a guy in August 1980. She writes: “Oh, how beautiful it will be the moment of our reunion. Sweet kisses.”


I have also found some old photos. This studio photo is from the late thirties, I think. IMG_0005.jpg

Some real snow in this one:


These ballerinas are from France (there is a photo studio stamp on the back).


A street photo of a handsome guy. (I have written about a similar photo here). IMG_0010.jpg

And finally a type of photo I want to collect more of, an image of workers in the factory, in the seventies, maybe. Or was this taken earlier? No inscription on the back, unfortunately. IMG_0004.jpg

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This guy apologizes to a woman named Luiza for not visiting her during his vacation and promises to visit her next time. The stamp on the back says this card was sent on the 9th of July 1924. Luiza is married (the card is sent to her husband’s name). Maybe this guy is a cousin? A friend? The tone is kind of formal (or at least this is how my limited Hungarian knowledge makes me see it) but could he be a secret (and uncommitted) lover? IMG_0107.jpg


I have this little silver brooch since last December, it was a very cheap antique fair find. Judging from the style of the clasp and the general feel of the brooch, I think it is quite old (end of 19th- beginning of the twentieth century). It feels like winter outside these days, so it is finally time for me to wear this brooch again.


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My free time seems so limited lately, although I do actually have time for myself when I manage to be more organised. I do these woven pouches in times when I feel too tired to do something else. They are really relaxing to make. The smaller pouch is made from darning yarn and it is now my temporary wallet till I find one I like with more pockets (I lost my wallet with my ID, etc., it was really stressful but I replaced my documents quicker than I expected.) The larger pouch is made from colorful stockings that my friends and I didn’t use anymore. We didn’t trow them away after they had holes in them in order to transform them in weaving yarn. I like the neon colors of some of them. I currently work on another pouch  using the rest of the vintage darning yarn I have collected. DSCN1464DSCN1462DSCN1467

My grandmother’s signet

This was made in the late sixties. Although I usually don’t have any problem with wearing different metals, this particular ring is made from a brass alloy that makes my finger itchy in a few hours of wearing. I think my grandmother had the same problem with it, I never remember her wearing this ring.


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More ammonites

I have an ammonite that I have bought in high school (it was quite expensive for me back then). Yesterday, visiting a mineral fair, I bought some more of them. The tiny ones are really cheap. The biggest one, in the lowest part of the “group photo”, belongs to my friend. We bought them mainly to use in school, as study material for our students. But I also just love looking at and holding something so inconceivably old.