Matching coats

My old coat, that I have worn for many years was bought new, from a Romanian company. I really liked it and I felt sorry when I finally had to admit that I need a new one. It happened that exactly at that same time I have found at the flea market the same coat (that meanwhile was, of course, since long discontinued). The one I found has exactly the same cut, type of fabric and trims. Only the color is different (the old one was brown and the new one is grey). It was in absolutely new condition and my size. I couldn’t bring myself to trow away the old one and at some point I thought it would be nice to have a matching coat with my dog. My friend Rodica thought it is quite a silly idea but she agreed to make the coat for Souris. I’m quite happy with how it turned out, she managed to keep all the defining elements, the buttons, the way the collar is cut, the pockets. Souris is very proud of his new coat, even if he wasn’t very patient for this pictures 🙂 Besides the obvious function of keeping him warm, the coat also helps with his anxiety, as he feels more protected on the street when wearing a coat or a sweater.

2005-01-05 22.23.182005-01-05 22.22.562005-01-05 22.22.032005-01-05 22.24.47


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