Socialist winter holidays cards

I know it’s kind of late for this Christmas and New Year’s cards, but I have just remembered my childhood collection of cards today. They are from the sixties till the eighties. I had a great time looking through them, and some of them are really funny. So. on the 2nd of January, here they are :).


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6 thoughts on “Socialist winter holidays cards

  1. Love all your wonderful vintage cards. Have always been drawn to vintage graphics and colors. too bad that style went out of vogue. You have such a great collection, glad you shared them with us. Will you keep taking care of them or get rid of them? Hope you keep them.
    My daughter is always nagging me about getting rid of my chotchkees, but I keep resisting. Already had to get rid of much of my vintage glass collection when we moved into this house, got rid of buffet/hutch as no room for it along with few other cherished pieces, couple of which gave to daughter. Why are people so quick to want us to get rid of our lovelies?
    Happy New Year and weekend

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    1. Happy New Year and thank you for your comment! I also hate getting rid of old things, replacing furniture and so on and I do it only if I have no other choice (if something is broken and impossible to repair). I will keep these cards, of course, they are my childhood collection. I usually try to collect only things that don’t take up so much space and these cards and some other ones for different holidays are staked in a box in my collections cupboard.


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