Anchor ring

At some point my friend found at the flea market a very interesting and intriguing box with someone’s collection of old buttons. On the box cover, someone wrote in pen “Austria”. We were joking that maybe we will find other countries in the next flea market visits.  After some research, we think some of the buttons in that box are from the late eighteenth century. She is willing to share that collection with me :). I will post about the box at some point, but in this post I will show a ring I had made from one of the buttons in the box. It was only one of them and I don’t think is as old as the rest of the buttons, but I wanted an anchor ring for a long time now. I don’t care about its Christian symbolism, but I like the fact that it is a symbol of safety and stability. So, I do have now an anchor ring, with a nice rounded high profile on the finger. I like how it looks like together with my late Art nouveau ring (from the twenties or thirties).

DSCN0175DSCN0180DSCN0178ancora mic

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