Damascene style jewelry

I always see this kind of jewelry at the flea market. These are not really damascene jewelry, made in Toledo with 24 karat gold, they are copies made in the seventies, I think. I remember buying the bracelet, because I liked the birds and flowers on it and it is in such a good shape. I payed for it maybe around 2 or 3 euros, but I have seen similar ones sold for much more on Romanian websites. Looking for the bracelet in my boxes these days, I realized I also  have a pendant and a brooch. I don’t think I bought them, most certainly they were gifts that I received at the flea market when I bought some other stuff (my favorite vendor always gives me a gift).


I wear the bracelet these days, instead of the beautiful and much older Aesthetic period bracelet that I have worn every day since receiving it. I don’t want to risque loosing it with all the layers of winter cloths and this damascene one, besides being easier to replace, has also a safety chain.



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