Pajtás and Utitárs cameras


I have wanted a Pajtás camera for years, but never found one cheap enough. Two or three years ago I finally found a reasonably priced one (I think I payed around 8 Euros for it). A few months later, I found the Utitárs too, even for cheaper and this one still has its case. These are Hungarian cameras produced between 1955 and 1962. Pajtás means “companion” and to me this Hungarian word is so related to my childhood and to socialist stories and cartoons I would watch on Hungarian television. Utitárs means “travel companion”. They are very simple, bakelite box cameras, with integrated direct eye-level view finders and with only one shutter speed: 1/30 marked M, plus bulb (marked T). They both have 3 apertures: f8, f11 and f16. So, everything is very limited with these cameras, you simply need to have the right amount of light, not too dim, not too bright. They take 120 film.
I first used the Pajtás and I had beautiful results. The Utitárs wasn’t so great, but I used a very expired film. But, besides the film, I think that unfortunately the plastic lens is too scratched. So, I think I will use the Pajtás more in sunny and cloudy spring afternoons.
Pajtás photos:

pajtas_mai 2013_5pajtas_mai 2013pajtas_mai 2013_1pajtas_mai 2013_3pajtas_mai 2013_4
Utitárs photos:


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