Seaweed and ginger soup


This is such a comforting soup, especially if you have a cold. It is a soup that we liked to order at a vegan restaurant we go to. We had this soup while out with a friend and my friend Rodica decided to try to make it at home. This is the version we had at home yesterday evening. It’s really simple to make and so delicious and good for you, too.

These are the ingredients:

3 chopped onions

5 cloves of garlic

2 pieces of ginger (approximately the size of an walnut each)

30 grams organic seaweed

approximately 70 ml coconut cream


We boiled the chopped onions with the salt. Meanwhile, the seaweed was hydrating for 30 minutes, after we washed them well. The garlic and the ginger were blended. After the onion was boiled, we put in the same water the seaweed and the water in which it stayed to be re-hydrated. We let it boil for 5 more minutes and then we added the blended ginger and garlic. After 1 minute, we added the coconut cream and this is it. I had two big bowls last night and I couldn’t wait to get home from school to have the leftover soup for lunch.


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