I took these photos in 2001, in my first year as a teacher. These sunny hallways were in the building of the Art High-school, were I was a student and then, later, a teacher. A building in the center of the city feeling so stable and safe and permanent when I was a teenager dreaming to be an artist, imagining my life always connected to this place. This building will be torn down soon. The valuable land it stands on is more important than the building and the institution itself, as capital and profit is considered more important than public (art) education. The Art High-school functions now in a different location with a different, not necessarily better, vibe. In the place of the old building, will be built something more lucrative, like a luxury hotel maybe. The courtyard, where I used to sit in the grass with my friends in the last days before summer vacations is already a parking lot. In the last years before the Art High-school finally moved out (after years of protests from teachers, students and parents) the building was more and more dilapidated, crumbling under the pressure of under-funding and, in the end, complete lack of funding from the city. Now, the building stays empty and quiet, with its blue window frames, with its entrance that is so familiar to me, with its black and white checkered hallways, with the sun seeping in through its windows in thick rays of light. Flakes of dust glitter in the rays for no one to see.

A colleague gave me a piece of linoleum salvaged from the building before we moved out. I cut in it a ginkgo leaf, for memory.





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5 thoughts on “Recall

  1. Photos and pieces of the past to remind us of other times, other parts of our lives while change whirls around us. Sometimes change is good, sometimes bad, and sometimes it is just change. I love your ginko.

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  2. What a beautiful building, it looks full of light and space. Such a shame to see it’s going, but I love your lino carving πŸ™‚

    I worked in a library in an old, old building (it was a workhouse in the 17th century, and had a very 70s block glass extension added to it later!), we moved into a new building 3 years ago, but can see our old building through the windows, where it’s being turned into flats 😦 I have the ‘Y’ from the ‘Library’ sign as a momento πŸ™‚


    1. Yes… it is sad to loose these beautiful old buildings… and also to see the general trend of loosing or undermining public institutions. I was sad to read on your blog about the closing of the library you work at…


      1. We currently have a horrible government who would like to privatise all our public services. There’s some sort of deal going on at the moment for my library, it’s possible it’ll be kept open, but run by volunteers, which isn’t great in terms of my job, but it’s good for the community because the library is in the kind of area that needs libraries most!


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