Leningrad slides

These slides are a flee market find from a while ago. I think they are from the sixties or seventies and they were used in schools, for history class. They are about WWII. Images of war in the city, tanks, ships, people looking at the lists of dead and wounded, poverty. I don’t understand what all the images represent, besides the general horror of war. The meaning of some of them is completely mysterious to me.

I think I would have looked at these images with a totally different state of mind as a kid, when all these were sad and heroic history that led to a safe and stable present. (Of course that this safety was not everyone’s experience back then also). These were images of the war against fascism, part of a history of heroism and sacrifice that led to a better present.

Now, images of war and destruction are so much part of a hopeless present (even if not in my immediate vicinity).

I photographed a few of the slides, choosing the ones that are the most enigmatic to me, the most indirectly bleak, the ones that still hold in them a hint of hope.



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