Flea market at home

Lately, I went very rarely to the flea market, for different reasons: being sick, being busy, too tired, raining or snowing or being too cold, etc. But yesterday, my mother told me she bought a grab bag for approximately 1 Euro and maybe I would like to check it out. But I didn’t expect a home flea market :). Apparently, it was a huge grab bag and she spread everything out on her sofa. A really absurd and unexpected image :). She had even sprayed everything with disinfectant, so I could safely brows through the small objects. I didn’t have the patience to look through everything (there are mostly uninteresting things from the eighties and nineties, that my mother would sort before throwing out the mismatched plastic earrings and spoons and forks and even one old tv remote control). But I did find 3 interesting, older brooches, one very eighties plastic marbled backed mirror, a metal pencil sharpener and a small pocket knife. The pocket knife was a commercial to chocolate and seemed older to me. Searching it online, it seems it is from the twenties or thirties. Not in perfect shape, with the rust and all, but quite interesting.

DSCN0264DSCN0267DSCN0270DSCN0274DSCN0272DSCN0283DSCN0276DSCN0277DSCN0278DSCN0280Linking up with Vintage Bliss Tuesdays and Vintage Charm parties.


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