8th of March

Some of my happiest childhood memories are about the visits we would make with our primary school class to different factories in the city. Getting to see how everyday objects, like textiles or books or bread is made, seeing the machines and the smiling workers and feeling that everything and everyone has a place, a role and a purpose in this world. My memories of the socialist factories I visited as a child are as clean and dignified and serene as these staged propaganda photos from the eighties, even if this was only a reality filtered through my child eyes. And also, the reality of women workers included very much the third image. Most of them were the ones whose care work exclusively supported their houses and families (and they still are). And this was never as playful and without contradictions as in this magazine page.

The images are scanned from issues of Femeia (The Woman) magazine from the early and mid eighties.

Happy 8th of March to everyone identifying as women!


Linking up with Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.


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