Smena Symbol


I really like Smena cameras, they are small and relatively reliable, kind of quirky, too. I have a few different ones, from different periods and I kept thinking that I should take a group photo of them all at some point. Till then, this is a Smena Symbol that our friend Oana gifted me. It was produced from 1970-1993, but I think this one is from the eighties. It’s practically like new, I don’t think it was ever used.

Most of the images are taken on my way to school, in the morning. I was hoping the long exposures would be sharper, but even if I did put the camera on the bridge railing, still it was difficult to keep it steady when I’ve pushed down the exposure lever. But blurry as they are, I think they are kind of realistic for my sleepy morning walks.





2 thoughts on “Smena Symbol

  1. that first picture is just stunning! love the little red peeking out in the low corner.
    (the snow has come back a bit since, and a bit of minus too… it’s just like that every year here. not really expecting true spring until end of april. but good we still have the tiny snow shovel and a tiny dude to work with it in case we get buried under the white stuff again, haha ๐Ÿ™‚

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