Nettles, violets and lungwort



We have finally made it to the forest again. I really wanted to go there in spring, too. It was so green and peaceful and full of flowers.

We went with friends and looked for stuff to forage. Not mushrooms this time, it was too dry for them. But stinging nettles to eat and violets and lungwort for homemade medicines. We have also found a few leaves of wild green onions.

I took some digital photos and also some analog ones with my Zenit E camera, using a film that I have found at the flea market, called Elka color and expired in 2007. The colors on the film photos are off, they have too much purple and not enough green, but even if they are not necessarily realistic visually, they do have the right atmosphere of the place.



One thought on “Nettles, violets and lungwort

  1. here the forest is only just waking up – still snow at some places in there. we went to the nearby forest with my little guy the other day, it was nice (except for the dogpoo everywhere and the odd early mosquito) but no flowers like that here yet. soon! 🙂

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