Rice with lovage


We cooked versions of this dish a few times already and we really like it. I improvised this rice the first time because I had only a few ingredients in the house and I was too lazy to go shopping and we really liked the lovage in it (unusual for us to use in rice). Anyway, I really like cooking with what I have in the fridge and pantry, it makes cooking much more interesting and creative for me.

These are the ingredients (I don’t mention the quantities, because I just improvise those each time): rice, dried mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, boiled chikpeas,onions, green onions, lovage, salt.

For this rice, we cooked for half an hour some dried mushrooms (about one mug of chanterelles) with salt and then we added two mugs of rice to boil in the same water, together with the mushrooms. This gives the rice a very nice flavor.

Meanwhile, we stir fried two onions and 4 larger fresh champignons, with some salt. After the onions and mushrooms were soft and cooked, we added the rice with the dried mushrooms, some chickpeas that we have boiled with salt the day before and chopped green onions and chopped lovage. We cooked for 2-3 minutes, to let the tastes combine and this is it. In the photo, it is topped with black cumin seeds. It doesn’t take more then half an hour to prepare (besides the boiling time for the dried mushrooms) and it is very tasty and nutritious.



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