I have found these this Saturday at the flea market. Usually there are lots of postcards and antique or vintage photos to look through and I love just browsing through them, even if I am rarely buying some lately. I have a large collection of them and I don’t plan to add more to it, as they are so cheap and easy to find and so tempting. I would easily end up with them taking up too much of my limited space. But these four are really special to me.

This one is from Bucharest, Magheru Boulevard and it was sent in 1968. It is such a beautiful image. IMG_0003.jpg

This is a birthday greeting card. On the back, it has a note in Serbian and it is dated 9th of September 1941. IMG_0002.jpg

These seaside ones are from 1957 and 1958. The second one, says on the back “A morning at the seaside”. It’s such a beautiful and evocative photo, I think it’s my favorite from my collection of seaside cards.




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