From the train window

It was so good and needed for me to take a long train trip. Just watching out the window and reading my book. From time to time, the train would be very slow, letting us see every detail of the trees and of the rays of light on the forest floor. Far away foggy hills. The Danube. And above all these the strange, ethereal sound of the rails, so long and high-pitched and melodic.

I took these photos with my Olympus Mju 1 camera and a very expired Kodak 200 film.


My favorite flowers

From time to time, I remember that I would really like to draw more, even if it is something that I do quite rarely. One of the things that I would like to have till the end of the year is a notebook full of small drawings of things from nature. I was thinking to have 100 of them (till now, I maybe have 20 or 25). I took some photos of dandelions next to our building and did two drawings of them. I have always loved these modest flowers.


Nettles, violets and lungwort



We have finally made it to the forest again. I really wanted to go there in spring, too. It was so green and peaceful and full of flowers.

We went with friends and looked for stuff to forage. Not mushrooms this time, it was too dry for them. But stinging nettles to eat and violets and lungwort for homemade medicines. We have also found a few leaves of wild green onions.

I took some digital photos and also some analog ones with my Zenit E camera, using a film that I have found at the flea market, called Elka color and expired in 2007. The colors on the film photos are off, they have too much purple and not enough green, but even if they are not necessarily realistic visually, they do have the right atmosphere of the place.



These are the findings of today’s flea market visit. There were also other stuff there that I liked (a very nice metal toy sewing machine, in working condition, some antique photos, etc), but I am much more selective with what I bring home lately and I try to resist buying things that I already have or I don’t use often. So, I only bought a few very cheap things.

A silver cicada charm (I don’t think it’s old, but it’s nice and detailed).


Two funny carved rings (they are quite a big size, especially the snake, so they were not intended for kids). I think they are made from sea shells.


A small tin from the fifties (my mother had the whole set as a kid and she still has one or two of the tins, but in a much worst condition). They were kitchen toys for storing different ingredients, such as flour or sugar. This one says “semolina”.


And a bead necklace from the fifties or sixties. The string was really old, so it broke in my hand at the flea market. Fortunately, I managed to find most of the beads and I have re-stringed it at home. It has the perfect size for me to wear it as a bracelet. The beads have a texture and shine very similar to teeth. Kind of strange, but I like them.


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