Green light


We went to the forest again this Monday, in the first day of me being ill with a stomach flue. I wasn’t really aware how sick I am (I thought I’ll be ok after some time in fresh air) till I had to walk for an hour from the buss station to the forest. We have spent around 2 hours in the forest and then one more hour walking back to the buss, with me being more and more sick and exhausted. In the forest, I mostly lay there in the grass and moist soil, changing the spot from time to time, while my friends walked in a close perimeter, keeping an eye on me.

But still, even with me being sick, it was beautiful to be there. The forest looks so different every time we visit, while the seasons progress. Now, everything was green, like seen through a green filter, everything was putrefaction and growth, alert, hurried, all-encompassing green life. I stayed there, on the forest floor, falling asleep for a few seconds from time to time and watching how the light changes on the grass and leaves and bugs around me.

I took some digital photos, some of them are taken by my friends. Also I have a few analog ones, still in the camera.



My friends found some wood ear fungus, they were growing on pieces of wood on the forest floor. We made a soup with them and even I was able to eat a few spoons. Also, they picked elder flowers and these days we drank a lot of delicious elderflower cordial.





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