She is Cici, our failed foster. She is a tiny puppy of 7 months old now, maybe a Chihuahua and mini pinscher mix and who knows what else. My friend Rodica intercepted her on her way to death, from the garbage bag a man was carrying one cold winter night on a street in our neighborhood.

She is so small and sweet (although with a strong personality, too)and we fell in love with her and were unable to give her up. So she joined our family for good. She gets along well with our two other dogs and although the chaos level in our apartment increased a lot, so did the fun and joy when we see her play so nicely with our stressed and anxious dog Souris. And we are hoping for more calm and organized days in the future, when she reaches adulthood.

These photos were taken last weekend in the forest. She really enjoyed seeing for the first time how large the world really is 🙂 The trip itself wasn’t so nice this time, as the forest was full of mosquito and we also managed to get lost. We had to walk really fast through the forests and fields in order to get back to the car in time. But the fields were beautiful, full of wild flowers and warm sunset light (no photos, unfortunately, as we were really in a hurry). I managed though to pick up this pretty large feather.





5 thoughts on “Cici

  1. Your puppy is most likely a Portuguese Podengo. If she’s 7 months old and that small, she’s a Podengo Pequeno. These dogs come in two types. She would be a Liso, a smooth coat. There is also a Cerdoso, wiry coat type. Look up the breed and see! She’s a beauty!


  2. I loved hearing the story of how Cici came to live with you. I have two rescue dogs at Miniature Pinscher (Baby) and an American Bulldog (Boukie). Both are very sweet dogs. Baby is getting old around 15 and Boukie is 11. We also have a Yorkie (Isabelle) she too is 11. It gets a little crazy at times but we love them all.

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