Life lately

  • These last two weeks were so busy, with long to do lists and almost no time to just relax at home.
  • I’ve traveled to Gothemburg last week to work for an exhibition. We were most of the time in the gallery, but still we did get to spend some time looking at the sea, sitting in sunny parks, eating delicious vegan food and taking some long walks in the late, never ending sunsets.DSCN9211DSCN9240DSCN9395
  • I’ve took my Portuguese exam. Here are the dogs helping me study. I’m sorry the course ended for the summer, but I’ll definitely be back in fall.iphone 056iphone 048
  • These are some new old rings that I didn’t got the chance to post yet. The gold plated one with a small sapphire is my favorite.DSCN9174DSCN9158DSCN9164
  • Summer vacation will start soon and I really plan to be more productive. Journal more is one of the plans, so I have bought this really nice and fancy one with colored paper.DSCN9404DSCN9400
  • The city is full of the smell of linden flowers and the skies are blue-green and lavender and stormy in the evenings. Times for being outside in the streets full of people, time for sweet and light melancholy and for unnamed yearnings.
  • Sometimes feels like being happy is just a moment away, that forgetting about uncertainty and worries and just be is so much in my power… only sometimes…iphone 071.jpg




2 thoughts on “Life lately

  1. oh, you were quite close to me then geographically! πŸ™‚ working for an exhibition sounds exciting. the linden smell has been very prominent here too, it’s not my favourite to say it nicely πŸ˜€ but the lilacs, hmmm. strange and cold midsummer we are having here. i hope in your town it’s nice and warm. i sent you a letter, was it last week? hope you’ll find it okay, i feel like i really had just half my brain working, the other half is either always tired or with thoughts of Niko. when does your school hols start? xx

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    1. Hi Aniko, I’m really looking forward to read your letter!! I let you know as soon as I get it. School ends in two weeks, but it already feels like vacation somehow, even if today was more like an autumn day, so rainy and cold. Hugs to you and your family!


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