Vegan baked veggie balls

My friend made these delicious veggie balls a few days ago. Without knowing the ingredients I would have been sure they contain the evil monoglutamate, so tasty and addictive but so bad for you. These veggie balls have that combination of sweet and salty, but they contain only healthy stuff (if you are not gluten intolerant, which we fortunately are not). Also they are baked not fried.

We don’t know the exact quantities, so this is not really a recipe, just something for us to remember how to make them again sometimes.

She blended diced onions with a little bit of water with garlic, cayenne pepper, curry, turmeric, pink Himalayan salt, nutritional yeast, diced carrots and diced uncooked potatoes, sunflower seeds, cilantro, a bit of smoked paprika powder. She mixed this with gluten flour, formed the balls and baked them on a tray greased with a bit of cooking oil.  After one side of the balls was cooked, she switched them on their other side to have a nice crunchy texture and also to be sure that the gluten flour is well cooked.

We ate them with tomatoes and they were great!



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