New weavings

It is a busy summer for me, with very few days without to do lists. I’m not complaining, I do prefer to be busy and accomplish things, but I’m also stressed these days. So, I do weave a lot. I have finished my entire stash of darning yarn from the seventies or eighties that I have unintentionally collected from different sewing baskets and boxes from the flea market. Also I will finish soon the yarn that I have made from colorful tights and this feels very satisfying.

I’m just loving it, I wake up in the morning thinking that I cannot wait to find some time to weave a bit more. This is evidently a sign of anxiety for me but on the other hand finding so much pleasure in something so insignificant seems really nice. Just letting my fingers work, my eyes enjoying the colors and my thoughts wandering is the most calming feeling.




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