Green beans soup


I’ve cooked this soup a while ago, but I was too busy to post it here. But I want to document it on the blog mostly for myself, to remember to make this again sometimes. I have used for this soup a large bag of green beans, 3 chopped onions, 2 large chopped red bell peppers, 2 chopped carrots and 2 cilantro roots, a piece of a medium sized watermelon diced and without the seeds, of course, one peeled and diced tomato, cooking oil and salt. I cooked the onions, carrots, cilantro roots and peppers for a few minutes in some cooking oil with salt and then I added the green beans and the watermelon with water. When everything was almost cooked, I added the tomato and let it boil for a few more minutes. This simple soup had a very nice sweet and salty flavor and a pretty color. In a different version of this soup I had used one very ripe and sweet peach instead of the watermelon and it was also very good.


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