Cilantro and rice


I made this salad today. It’s some sort of variation on a tabbouleh salad, a dish that we really like, but I’ve made it with the ingredients I had in the house. We had a long walk with our dog Souris who is in training these days (he learns to socialize with people and dogs), so we were too tired and hungry to go grocery shopping for lunch. We had in the fridge only some onions and a large bag of cilantro. So, I came up with this rice and cilantro salad.

I chopped two large onions and a small piece of ginger (that I tried to chop finely). I stir fried these in cooking oil with salt, a tea spoon of cumin and 3 table spoons of capers. After a few minutes, when the onion became translucid, I added one and a half mugs of rice with water. I let the rice cook and meanwhile I chopped the cilantro and one large onion.

After the rice was cooked, I let it cool and then mixed it with the cilantro, the onion and 2 more spoons of capers.

It came out really good, the ginger adds a nice flavor and the capers add the salty and sour taste that this salad needs. It’s really healthy too with so much cilantro that would have been otherwise difficult to use before it goes bad.

We also had blueberries mixed with vegan yogurt for desert.



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