Autumn forest

Last Sunday we had finally made it to the forest again. We kept planning going there, choosing a day when our different schedules would allow it, planning things and then something would come up: rain, being sick with the flue, etc. I needed so much to just do something out of my routine, even if something so small as a few hours somewhere in the nature. Fall is my favorite season and each year I try to enjoy as much as possible all its colors and smells and memories.

Last Sunday we had a sunny and chilly day and it was really nice to be in the forest again. Actually, we have been there in fall exactly one year ago. Last year we have seen more mushrooms and the light was better for photos, but this time we picked up more eatable mushrooms in larger quantities: lepista inversa and macrolepiota procera (the parasol mushroom). Also, we found the usual wood ear mushrooms. And took lots of photos, as usual. When we got home, it started raining, so we were quite lucky to have a nice day in the woods, before the real cold is here.


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