Button, maybe

I bought this silver object some time ago from an vintage shop. I’m not sure if it is really a button or some sort of clip or fastener for clothing. It has a hinged system on the back, that could maybe hold some fabric in between the two movable parts.  I kept searching for something similar, to see what could have been its purpose, but with no luck. I have only found a listing for quite similar objects and the seller calls them “buttons”. I wear it as a pendant and I like it a lot.



4 thoughts on “Button, maybe

  1. Hi Anca,
    I think it might be a cufflink, or just a precious button that was part of a set, and has a mechanism to be easily removed from shirts. In my understanding in old times the upper classes had beautiful shirts and dresses with equally precious buttons, and when these garments had to be cleaned/washed, the servants or maids whatever, they unpicked all the buttons, buckles and then sewed them back on when the garments were laundered and pressed. I guess over time inventions were thought of to make these chores easier. The clip-on clip-off buttons must have been one of these inventions. Xx

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