First pinholes of this summer

Like every summer, I set up a small lab in a spare bathroom for pinhole processing. I really enjoy doing this and I’m looking forward to it as soon as the days get longer. This year, I’m using the Agfa paper from this photo.


I finished the Ilford papers last year. Both these packs were a lucky flea market find several years ago, but even if they expired a long time ago, they are still very ok to use. The Agfa paper is maybe fresher because these exposures are only 4-5 hours long (while I exposed the Ilford paper for at least 9 hours, also managing to have 2 -3 days long exposures without over-exposing). We will try some portraits with this more reactive paper, as hopefully a few minutes of staying completely still will get results.

These are some images from our house this summer. Some outside images maybe and some portraits for sure will follow soon.







I think/not think/think about time a lot lately. It’s not the fact that I’ll have an important birthday this year, it’s not the time shrinking more and more, the days feeling like mere hours, the summer coming to an end soon. It’s neither of these. I actually love fall…


3 thoughts on “First pinholes of this summer

  1. These are great pics. I especially love the first one. Do you have a post on how you set up your bathroom? Are you using the whole room as a pinhole or are you using a pinhole camera? I’ve been wanting to experiment with pinholes. Great post! Glad I ran across it. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your nice comment! I use an old polaroid camera transformed into a pinhole camera for the exposures. The spare bathroom (that has no windows) is the place were I keep the chemicals and where I process the photos. I have written something about the homemade pinhole camera here:
      Good luck with your pinhole experiments and I would be glad to see them if you post them online!


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