Vegan potato salad


My friend made the veganized version of this very usual dish. A comfort food for me and something that I used to eat all the time before being vegan. This version came out delicious and very similar to the non-vegan one, only cruelty and guilt-free.

These are the ingredients: 4-5 potatoes (boiled in their skin and then diced), 1 sliced onion, 4-5 mushrooms finely sliced, the juice of 3 smaller lemons, olive oil, salt, pepper, homemade vegan mayonnaise.

We sliced the mushrooms and marinated them for an hour in the lemon juice and olive oil with some salt. We kept them in the fridge, while the potatoes were boiling and my friend made the mayonnaise.

For the mayonnaise she used corn powder, 4 spoons of boiling water, half of a boiled potato, 3 spoon of mustard, salt, pepper and sunflower seeds oil. She mashed the potato (while the potato is still hot), added the boiling water and then she added the corn powder. Mixed everything and then she added the mustard and the oil, the salt and the pepper. It is a very nice vegan mayonnaise.

At this point all that was left to do was to mix the diced potatoes, the sliced onion, the marinated mushrooms and the mayonnaise and she added a bit more salt and pepper. It was very delicious and comforting.

Vegan pickled cabbage dish


This is another random dish I have made using all the things I have found in the fridge. It turned out quite delicious, so I write this here to be able to replicate it sometimes. I have used for this dish:

4 small diced onions, 1 large diced carrot, 1 small diced potato, approximately half of a medium sized pickled cabbage that I shredded, 1 smaller cauliflower that I cut in small, rice like pieces, 1 cup rice, cooking oil, some salt (not much, as the cabbage is very salty too), 1 spoon curry powder, 1 spoon smoked paprika powder.

I stir fried the onions, cabbage and carrot with the curry powder, salt and smoked paprika powder until the onion became translucent. I added the cauliflower, the potato and the rice and water to cover everything up and I let it boil till the rice and potato were cooked. It was very tasty and creamy. We added later chickpeas from a can (not pictured in this photo) for some protein and texture.

Potato soup

DSCN0054.JPGWhile many improvised vegan dishes that we make go undocumented :), I randomly took photos of this soup I cooked yesterday. Actually my friend really liked it and she said I should post it here so that we can make it again sometime. So, this is a very simple soup, made with the few ingredients we had in the house on a Sunday afternoon when everything is closed.

The ingredients are: 4 chopped onions, 6 chopped garlic cloves, 4 very large carrots sliced, 1 large parsnip chopped, 6 diced potatoes, cooking oil, salt, 1 tablespoon curry powder and 1 teaspoon cumin.

I stir fried the onions, garlic, carrots and parsnip with salt, curry and cumin in some cooking oil. When the onion became transparent, I added the potatoes and water and let it boil till the potatoes were cooked. That’s it :). It’s the simplest soup, but the taste is interesting, quite sweet from the carrots and flavorful from the curry powder and cumin.


Cilantro and rice


I made this salad today. It’s some sort of variation on a tabbouleh salad, a dish that we really like, but I’ve made it with the ingredients I had in the house. We had a long walk with our dog Souris who is in training these days (he learns to socialize with people and dogs), so we were too tired and hungry to go grocery shopping for lunch. We had in the fridge only some onions and a large bag of cilantro. So, I came up with this rice and cilantro salad.

I chopped two large onions and a small piece of ginger (that I tried to chop finely). I stir fried these in cooking oil with salt, a tea spoon of cumin and 3 table spoons of capers. After a few minutes, when the onion became translucid, I added one and a half mugs of rice with water. I let the rice cook and meanwhile I chopped the cilantro and one large onion.

After the rice was cooked, I let it cool and then mixed it with the cilantro, the onion and 2 more spoons of capers.

It came out really good, the ginger adds a nice flavor and the capers add the salty and sour taste that this salad needs. It’s really healthy too with so much cilantro that would have been otherwise difficult to use before it goes bad.

We also had blueberries mixed with vegan yogurt for desert.


Green beans soup


I’ve cooked this soup a while ago, but I was too busy to post it here. But I want to document it on the blog mostly for myself, to remember to make this again sometimes. I have used for this soup a large bag of green beans, 3 chopped onions, 2 large chopped red bell peppers, 2 chopped carrots and 2 cilantro roots, a piece of a medium sized watermelon diced and without the seeds, of course, one peeled and diced tomato, cooking oil and salt. I cooked the onions, carrots, cilantro roots and peppers for a few minutes in some cooking oil with salt and then I added the green beans and the watermelon with water. When everything was almost cooked, I added the tomato and let it boil for a few more minutes. This simple soup had a very nice sweet and salty flavor and a pretty color. In a different version of this soup I had used one very ripe and sweet peach instead of the watermelon and it was also very good.

Vegan creamy rice


I woke up today with the thought that I really want to cook something interesting and experimental. So, I cooked a green beans soup that I seasoned with a few cubes of watermelon and a rice with pickled cabbage and cashew nuts. I have seen this mix somewhere online, but I couldn’t remember where to check the recipe. So, I have improvised my own version.

These are the ingredients: 4 smaller onions diced, 4  green and red bell peppers diced, 1 mug of rice, some shredded pickled cabbage, one cup of cashew nuts, 2 spoon of capers, 3-4 spoons of sesame seeds, a few pieces from a diced tomato, lemon zest, salt. As usual, the quantities are really just a guess :), as I mostly improvise when I cook.

I stir fried the onions, peppers and rice with cooking oil and a bit of salt (the salt will add up from the capers and the pickled cabbage, too). After stir frying for a few minutes, I added water for the rice to cook. When the rice was half cooked, I added the pickled cabbage, the capers and the cashew nuts. When the rice was almost cooked and the water evaporated, I added the tomato.

While the rice was cooking, I blended the sesame seeds with a bit of salt and some lemon zest, same as for a tahini sauce, but without the garlic. After the rice was cooked and I turned of the stove, I mixed in the hot rice the sesame sauce. We ate it topped with some more shredded pickled cabbage, some more cashew nuts, tomatoes and black caraway seeds.

It is very comforting and creamy and delicious! And really nutritious too.




Vegan baked veggie balls

My friend made these delicious veggie balls a few days ago. Without knowing the ingredients I would have been sure they contain the evil monoglutamate, so tasty and addictive but so bad for you. These veggie balls have that combination of sweet and salty, but they contain only healthy stuff (if you are not gluten intolerant, which we fortunately are not). Also they are baked not fried.

We don’t know the exact quantities, so this is not really a recipe, just something for us to remember how to make them again sometimes.

She blended diced onions with a little bit of water with garlic, cayenne pepper, curry, turmeric, pink Himalayan salt, nutritional yeast, diced carrots and diced uncooked potatoes, sunflower seeds, cilantro, a bit of smoked paprika powder. She mixed this with gluten flour, formed the balls and baked them on a tray greased with a bit of cooking oil.  After one side of the balls was cooked, she switched them on their other side to have a nice crunchy texture and also to be sure that the gluten flour is well cooked.

We ate them with tomatoes and they were great!