New old things

It’s summer and so hot these days and it seems hard to me to find the motivation to do much. I almost finished some job related things and now I am free to do whatever I want, but somehow the days pass and I don’t do much. Summer is often like this to me, I feel locked out from myself, with a foggy and scattered mind. So, for now, I will only post some new things I have found, in a rare visit to the flea market, online and in a vintage shop I visit quite often.

This is a pretty needlepoint bag, in a really good shape. I’m not sure if it is from the twenties or thirties or it’s something newer (the sixties?) made in that spirit. I am actually inclined to believe it is from the twenties, but never really used or something. I will keep it in my bag, holding embroidery stuff, when I go to work in the park (I do this sometimes, meeting friends in the park and stitching while we talk and it’s one of my favorite things to do).


This is a lucky flea market find, an Egyptian scarab ring, something that I kept hoping to find. It has Egyptian hallmarks, but I didn’t research them yet. I think it’s from the forties of fifties.


Another pretty ring, made of bakelite and some sort of silver alloy.


And a snake, found online.


I added another piece to my Art Nouveau collection. This is a brass necklace with mother of pearl (a very cheap flea market find).


And a cute brass dog ring.



Creepy hands

These are some new additions to my mismatched jewelry collection. I especially like the creepy bakelite and silver hands, very cheap finds. I’m sure the bakelite brooch is vintage, I’m not certain how old the silver pendant is, although it was looks like it was used for a long time by someone. When I bought it, I thought it might be antique, but I’m not sure.I like how the bead looks like an apple. DSCN0844DSCN0848DSCN0851I’ve also found these two beautiful old silver bands, an Art nouveau pewter ring and a celluloid owl ring.


This very small and detailed charm is for a bracelet I want to make at some point only with animals and birds. DSCN0854.JPGLinking up with Vintage Bliss Tuesdays and Vintage Charm parties.



I wouldn’t have said that I collect these, but apparently I do. The orange one is bakelite, two of the small ones are celluloid, the big blue one is turquoise, two of them are Art nouveau gold plated brass and the rest are silver. hearts.jpg

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Druh Synchro camera


This was one of the first cameras I bought with the intention of collecting cameras (I already had a Zenit E camera, some point and shoots and of course my digital camera, but these were bought/received for practical reasons). I really wanted a medium format camera and the price was right for this one. It is a Polish camera made between 1956-1960, with some very basic settings. The lens can be screwed back in the body and the camera is quite light, easy to carry around. I don’t have many examples of images taken with it, as I don’t use it often and also the camera is not very reliable. But on these autumn images, the light leaks are nice, in my opinion.

Druh means friend in Polish. I also have two Hungarian cameras from the same period whose names mean friend and companion. I will also post those soon.

poza 7







Bakelite and silver necklace

We have spontaneously decided to go to the flea market this morning, as it was so nice outside, and I had a great time. Among other things, I have found this bakelite and silver necklace. The bead is quite big and the chain is short (till the collarbones) so the proportion is a bit unusual to me, but I love it.

bakelite necklace

bakelite necklace 1

Bakelite leaves brooches

I’m counting the days till the heatwave ends and I’m really looking forward for fall. These leaves look like autumn to me. They are photographed on a beautiful Scandinavian blanket, found at the flea market.



Lulu is also waiting for cooler days :).



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Flea market finds

It was a great day at the flea market today. I’ll post tomorrow the nicest find, but these are also things that make me very glad.

A snake ring for my collection.


A silver button with enamel and a tiny rhinestone (I’ll use it on a charm bracelet) and another silver charm.


Two watch chains (I wanted one for a long time now). I’ll use the simpler one to build a charm necklace and the more intricate one is perfect as a bracelet. Watching them more closely, I have noticed that they are both marked “Murat”, which a a French jeweler. They are gold filled and probably from the twenties or thirties.



A strangely organic looking old brooch.


Another stick pin for my collection (unfortunately no more stones on this one, but I probably replace them with some).



An old  paper ring box.



A tin of colored pencils from the eighties, with some very nice shades.


A beautiful Russian tin full of interesting buttons (many of them bakelite). I think the tin is from the 1910s or 1920s.







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