New old things

It’s summer and so hot these days and it seems hard to me to find the motivation to do much. I almost finished some job related things and now I am free to do whatever I want, but somehow the days pass and I don’t do much. Summer is often like this to me, I feel locked out from myself, with a foggy and scattered mind. So, for now, I will only post some new things I have found, in a rare visit to the flea market, online and in a vintage shop I visit quite often.

This is a pretty needlepoint bag, in a really good shape. I’m not sure if it is from the twenties or thirties or it’s something newer (the sixties?) made in that spirit. I am actually inclined to believe it is from the twenties, but never really used or something. I will keep it in my bag, holding embroidery stuff, when I go to work in the park (I do this sometimes, meeting friends in the park and stitching while we talk and it’s one of my favorite things to do).


This is a lucky flea market find, an Egyptian scarab ring, something that I kept hoping to find. It has Egyptian hallmarks, but I didn’t research them yet. I think it’s from the forties of fifties.


Another pretty ring, made of bakelite and some sort of silver alloy.


And a snake, found online.


I added another piece to my Art Nouveau collection. This is a brass necklace with mother of pearl (a very cheap flea market find).


And a cute brass dog ring.


New old things

I went to the flea market this Saturday and it was a very good day for finding some of my favorite things.

I wanted such a celluloid bangle for a long time now, I kept seeing them online but never at the flea market. This one is a bit too large for me but the other vintage plastic bangle keeps it on my wrist. I really like how the paint faded in soft pinks and greens. DSCN9186DSCN9188

This beautiful antique souvenir silver brooch has a damage to the first “e” from Venice, but it was to interesting to leave behind. And I have very nice memories connected to Venice, so it makes sense for me to wear it. The dangling letters are more sparkly in reality than in these photos.


This silver wolf pin looks a lot like our dog Souris.


This antique brooch is not silver, although it really looks like silver and it is very detailed. I like the snakes and the tiny jade figure (Buddha?).


I don’t know if this woven wallet from Peru is vintage or not, but it’s really nice.


My favorite find is this big amber ring in an Art deco setting. It has some interesting hallmarks, that I didn’t have the time to research yet. I keep staring at the luminous stone these stressful days.


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Pocket watch fob


After long boring days of staying inside with an extremely low energy, I went yesterday to the flea market, to look around and be in the sun. I have found this antique silver watch fob (I think this is the right name for it) or is it a short chain? I really like how the mesh is done and also the buckle motif. The buckle can be moved up and down the mesh. Probably it used to be gold plated, there is still a small trace of the gold. The black enamel details are still almost intact. I like it as a pendant on an old silver chain.


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Chatelaine purse

I have finally found one! It is small and light enough to wear around my neck and it was reasonably priced at an outdoor antique market. It’s from late 19th century and I really like the ornaments on the frame. It isn’t in perfect shape (this is why the price was ok), some links are missing in the silver mesh, but I don’t plan on really using it for coins :).  The holes are not visible when the purse is closed and maybe I will get it fixed at some point, if I really want to.


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Some new finds

These are from yesterday. I have found an Art deco pendant that is very similar to one of my rings. The pendant has a hematite stone, one of my favorite stones. It is very well made and heavy. DSCN0309DSCN0308


The bow ring is from the forties, I think. I have showed it to my mother and she says she remembers this pattern as something that older ladies would have in her childhood in the late fifties.


The other ring has two hallmarks, but I didn’t find anything about them yet. I’ll update later, when I’ll have the time/patience to search more. But it has such a beautiful, luminous stone, like a pool of sunset light.


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Colorful finds

After a short visit to the flea market this weekend, I came home with these finds:

A big and quite heavy sterling silver necklace with a frog on a leaf and a silver and azurite ring.





I tried lately not to buy silk, not even vintage or second hand (although I still use the silk items I already have, all of them thrifted, as it would be so wasteful to just trow them away). But, I still bought for approximately 1 euro these old  big wooden spools with silk thread. The colors are so beautiful, they seem very old and they would have ended up in the trash anyway (the woman selling them seemed surprised that I am willing to pay 1 euro for all of them). The dogs haven’t seen them till I took them out to photograph, this is why they are so interested in the spools in these photos.




I have also found this jointed wooden mannequin to use for my students. This is not vintage but it was very cheap (2.5 euro) and these are usually very expensive to buy new. It has a small problem with one of the knees, but nothing important.


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