New Year’s Eve dress

decemberThe background fabric for this embroidery is a piece of a dress my mother wore for a New Year’s Eve party, sometimes in the mid eighties. It seemed to me the prettiest dress ever at that time.
Happy 2015!

The embroidery is part of the very nice and inspiring project Lola Nova initiated, The Stitched Journal Project. I enjoyed very much participating from my flickr account and I will most definitely continue it on my own in 2015.



I sometimes wear this wristwatch that I used to have as an 8 year old, in mid eighties, in socialist Romania. It was with me for more than 10 years, than I replaced it with other ones and recently I started using it again. It is a Chaika. I read somewhere that Chaika, which means in Russian “seagull” was the call sign of the first Soviet female cosmonaut, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova.
I like to measure time by its reliable, clear, big black numbers that were a part of my childhood. Part of a time when children were told that equality and fairness for all awaits for us in the future, that religion is only a story people invented out of fear and darkness and that is totally useless now, in our luminous times. I love the memory of me as a child believing only in things that you can experience with your senses, trusting that everything is rational and clear in the world. Believing that time is a linear path towards the progress of the entire world. My wristwatch still keeps for me the memory of those times.