She is Cici, our failed foster. She is a tiny puppy of 7 months old now, maybe a Chihuahua and mini pinscher mix and who knows what else. My friend Rodica intercepted her on her way to death, from the garbage bag a man was carrying one cold winter night on a street in our neighborhood.

She is so small and sweet (although with a strong personality, too)and we fell in love with her and were unable to give her up. So she joined our family for good. She gets along well with our two other dogs and although the chaos level in our apartment increased a lot, so did the fun and joy when we see her play so nicely with our stressed and anxious dog Souris. And we are hoping for more calm and organized days in the future, when she reaches adulthood.

These photos were taken last weekend in the forest. She really enjoyed seeing for the first time how large the world really is 🙂 The trip itself wasn’t so nice this time, as the forest was full of mosquito and we also managed to get lost. We had to walk really fast through the forests and fields in order to get back to the car in time. But the fields were beautiful, full of wild flowers and warm sunset light (no photos, unfortunately, as we were really in a hurry). I managed though to pick up this pretty large feather.





Our oven was broken for such a long time (an year maybe?). We missed the opportunity to make our favorite home-made pizza with ramsons this spring because of that. But a couple of weeks ago we finally managed to find the time and disposition to buy a new stove with an working oven (the old one could not be repaired). And we developed an obsession for baked vegetables. We eat them almost daily in different combinations: potatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots, eggplants, zucchinis, cauliflower, etc. So quick and easy to make and so delicious, with every vegetable keeping its specific taste. In the photo is a mix of potatoes, onions, tofu, very interesting and delicious forest mushrooms that we have bought at the farmer’s market with some cooking oil, nutritional yeast and salt. Very, very addictive. I think we will continue eating these for a while.


New old things

I went to the flea market this Saturday and it was a very good day for finding some of my favorite things.

I wanted such a celluloid bangle for a long time now, I kept seeing them online but never at the flea market. This one is a bit too large for me but the other vintage plastic bangle keeps it on my wrist. I really like how the paint faded in soft pinks and greens. DSCN9186DSCN9188

This beautiful antique souvenir silver brooch has a damage to the first “e” from Venice, but it was to interesting to leave behind. And I have very nice memories connected to Venice, so it makes sense for me to wear it. The dangling letters are more sparkly in reality than in these photos.


This silver wolf pin looks a lot like our dog Souris.


This antique brooch is not silver, although it really looks like silver and it is very detailed. I like the snakes and the tiny jade figure (Buddha?).


I don’t know if this woven wallet from Peru is vintage or not, but it’s really nice.


My favorite find is this big amber ring in an Art deco setting. It has some interesting hallmarks, that I didn’t have the time to research yet. I keep staring at the luminous stone these stressful days.


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Beginning of summer


Future is as uncertain as ever, but this time of the year feels so full of potential and restlessness and plans and anxiety and anticipation. The long summer vacation days are approaching. I plan on meeting friends more often, watching sunsets in my neighborhood, taking the dogs to the park, reading more, studying Portuguese and Hungarian, taking pinhole and film photos. Just enjoy the present moment, one of the most difficult things to do, while also planning more carefully our future.



Vintage handwoven fabric

My friend brought back today from a trip to her grandmother’s village this big piece of handwoven hemp fabric. It’s a very thick fabric, used for making flour sacks and such, in the softest, subtlest hues of yellow and pink. Her grandmother wove this a long time ago. Not sure what we will do with it yet, but I like it just like it is for now.


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There are really busy days for me, full of anxiety, but hopefully I’ll finish soon everything that I have to do and I will regain some time for myself. Meanwhile, I really miss crafting and drawing and reading. These sleeves were made some time ago (the crocheted one is from last year or so and the weaved one is something that I worked on with long breaks in the last months). They are now my external drive and tablet sleeves. My friend machined sewed the spongy fabric inside and the zippers. They look really good and they are practical too. Currently, I plan on finishing a neutral colors weaved case for my friend’s phone.


Pocket watch fob


After long boring days of staying inside with an extremely low energy, I went yesterday to the flea market, to look around and be in the sun. I have found this antique silver watch fob (I think this is the right name for it) or is it a short chain? I really like how the mesh is done and also the buckle motif. The buckle can be moved up and down the mesh. Probably it used to be gold plated, there is still a small trace of the gold. The black enamel details are still almost intact. I like it as a pendant on an old silver chain.


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Green light


We went to the forest again this Monday, in the first day of me being ill with a stomach flue. I wasn’t really aware how sick I am (I thought I’ll be ok after some time in fresh air) till I had to walk for an hour from the buss station to the forest. We have spent around 2 hours in the forest and then one more hour walking back to the buss, with me being more and more sick and exhausted. In the forest, I mostly lay there in the grass and moist soil, changing the spot from time to time, while my friends walked in a close perimeter, keeping an eye on me.

But still, even with me being sick, it was beautiful to be there. The forest looks so different every time we visit, while the seasons progress. Now, everything was green, like seen through a green filter, everything was putrefaction and growth, alert, hurried, all-encompassing green life. I stayed there, on the forest floor, falling asleep for a few seconds from time to time and watching how the light changes on the grass and leaves and bugs around me.

I took some digital photos, some of them are taken by my friends. Also I have a few analog ones, still in the camera.



My friends found some wood ear fungus, they were growing on pieces of wood on the forest floor. We made a soup with them and even I was able to eat a few spoons. Also, they picked elder flowers and these days we drank a lot of delicious elderflower cordial.